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AYSO REGION 33 - ENCINO, CA (Balboa Park)


Region 33 Core Program

Currently, our region runs a fall soccer season which begins in early August for teams that practice during the week.  Games take place on Saturdays beginning the first Saturday after Labor Day (early September).  All divisions except 16U and 19U will end the regular season on the weekend before Thanksgiving (although some competitive division teams may move on to Area and Section play post-season in December and/or January). 16U and 19U teams will play on Saturdays and Sundays and finish in October before the start of the high school season. 

AYSO is a national soccer organization that is child first and child focused.

We deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun family environment founded on AYSO's Six Philosophies...

1. Everyone Plays
2. Balanced Teams
3. Open Registration
4. Positive Coaching
5. Good Sportsmanship
6. Player Development

Every girl and boy stepping on the field has fun developing soccer skills while enjoying the world's most popular sport.

We focus on positive messages and each child plays more than half of each game (usually 3/4 or more). 

At early ages the program focuses on a non-competitive fun experience building the foundation for player growth throughout their AYSO experience into their late teens.

Children are grouped into divisions based on their age in the calendar year.  For instance, a child who turns 4 during this calendar year would be in the 5U division (children under 5) for the Fall season. The details for each division are as follows:

5U - 4 year olds -> The "Jamboree" program is a pressure-free introduction to soccer. Players experience age appropriate development that requires no practice or prior experience. Weekly sessions lasting one hour every Saturday are led by trainers from "UK Soccer International".  Parents and kids are introduced to games and activities that develop soccer-related skills. When ready, players are divided into 3-player teams for short games that focus on having fun. This clinic-style program introduces the youngest kids (and their parents) to soccer as a stress-free experience.

6U - 5 year olds ->  Players participate in 6 player teams playing weekly games each Saturday. Teams practice in the first half of the scheduled game time followed by a 25 minute game with another team. Games are generally 3 players versus 3 players on an age appropriate field. There are no goalkeepers or throw ins. This maximizes playing time for each child and allows coaches to balance the team. Games at this age are for fun! We don't keep score or post standings.

7U - 6 year olds ->  This age division introduces weekly practices in addition to Saturday games. Practices are typically one hour on weekday afternoons or early evening. Games are 40 minutes and played 5 players versus 5 players on an age appropriate field with small nets and no goalkeepers or throw ins. Experience shows that 6 year olds lack the physical development and psychological focus to play the goalkeeper position. Eliminating the keepers results in an open and free-flowing game. The smaller sized teams allow players to fully participate in the game. Play is still focused on fun. We don't keep score or post standings. 

8U - 7 year olds ->  The 7U and 8U programs are exactly the same.  Because of this, if registration numbers are low in one of these divisions, we will join them to make one larger 8U division.   AYSO National Guidelines group 7U and 8U into a single division, so those of you looking to volunteer as coaches only need the 8U training -- there is no separate 7U training.  We will 

10U - 8 and 9 year olds -> In this division we introduce goalkeeping and competitive play. Weekly games are 50 minutes long and played 7 players versus 7 players on a 75yd x 40yd yard field with 9 or 10 players per team. This division introduces score keeping and the posting of standings.  Playoffs are held in November to determine the division champion and teams may advance to play against teams from other AYSO Regions within our Area.  Teams in 10U normally have two mid-week practices scheduled lasting 60-90 minutes each.  Ideally, players will attend both practices but if there is a conflict, attending one is better than none.

12U - 10 and 11 year olds ->  In this division games are 60 minutes long and played 9 players versus 9 players on a field that is 90-100 yards long and 45-50 yards wide. Players are introduced to positional play that approximates full team soccer. The 9-player teams allow greater space on the field and more involvement by each player.  Again, this division holds two practices each week lasting 60-90 minutes each.

14U - 12 and 13 year olds -> In this division we introduce full-size fields with 11 players versus 11 players competition. Games are 70 minutes long. We continue to ensure that all players participate at least 3/4 of the game.  Again, this division holds two practices each week lasting 60-90 minutes each.

16U - 14 and 15 year olds -> In older teen divisions the season is shortened to about 6 weeks in order to allow players to participate on their high-school teams. Games are played on both Saturday and Sunday and are often scheduled at other parks in our Area, rather than in our region.  Again, this division holds two practices each week lasting 60-90 minutes each.

19U - 16, 17, and 18 year olds -> If we have enough players we will form 19U teams. Similar to 16U, 19U teams play shortened seasons and are often playing in other parks. 

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