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AYSO REGION 33 - ENCINO, CA (Balboa Park)


Division Manager: TBD
All inquiries about the Division should begin with the Division Manager, who is yet to be determined.   
Until then, inquiries can be made to the Regional Commissioner at: [email protected]

Age Range:
BU14, GU14:  All players born in the years 2011 or 2012.
(NOTE: National Soccer has established the age range for all divisions.  AYSO is not permitted to deviate from it.)

What Equipment Do I Need?
Soccer shoes (not turf shoes) are preferred.  Also, athletic shoes are allowed.  NOTE:  Metal cleats are not permitted.
Shin Guards (which must be completely covered by soccer socks)
Size 5 soccer ball

When will Teams be Formed:
As soon as we get enough players (at least 14) and a certified coach.  This must be done no later than August 15, 2024.

Number of Teams:
Two teams for GU14 and two teams for BU14 (assuming we get a certified coach for each team)

How do I become a certified coach for 14U?
AYSO is an all-volunteer organization, and we must have certified coaches to have teams.   All AYSO coaches and assistant coaches, at every level, must: 1)  register as a volunteer through our website ( and 2) complete online classes and an in-person coach training session.  Here is a link to the step-by-step process to become a coach:
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Email our Coach Mentor at: [email protected]

How Teams are Formed:
IMPORTANTU14 teams are NOT formed by request
One of the principal philosophies of AYSO is that all teams must be balanced.  It is a frustrating experience for players (and parents) to lose a game 0-10.  It is also not challenging or fun to win a game 10-0.   So we do our best at Region 33 to make the teams fair and the games more fun by emphasizing balanced teams over requests.  

1.  Practice Sessions: There will be 2 teams and 2 coaches in both the BU14 and GU14 Divisions. As soon as we have enough players and coaches, hopefully at the beginning of August, players will be contacted and invited to attend a series of practices held by the coaches in their division.  Attendance is mandatory in order to be placed on a team. 
NOTE: The sessions are not “tryouts” because every player who is rated will be placed on a team.  
2.  Information Request Goes Out to Parents:  Next, the Division Manager will email parents and request the following information:  1.  Is there any day of the week your child absolutely cannot attend practice because of other activities?  and 2.  Is there any player that your child would like to have on the same team?
      NOTE: The first responsibility of division managers is to create balanced teams.  To the extent they can accommodate requests and keep the teams balanced, the division managers will do their best. BUT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE  
NOTE #2:  Siblings WILL be placed on the same team.
3.  Division Managers will hold a draft:  The Division Manager will schedule a draft, where both coaches will take turns picking their team.  There will be an emphasis on achieving balanced teams.  A coach will not be permitted to dissuade other the other coach from drafting any particular player. 
 The Division Manager will NOT honor requests for assistant coaches to be on a team with any particular head coach if it will cause teams to be unbalanced.

Practices – Twice a Week:
All 14U teams will practice twice per week for one hour at our Balboa Park soccer fields.  We have practice field permits for Monday through Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm.  The coach will select the practice days and times. 

When do Practices Begin?
As soon as teams are formed. 

When Do Games Begin?
Opening Day is Saturday, September 7, 2023. 

NOTE:  The opening day for our 14U teams is later than for most of our other teams at Region 33 because 14U plays against other Regions in our Area, and those Regions start their season on September 8.  HOWEVER, if teams are formed earlier, we will schedule games between our teams starting as early as August 17.  Weather permitting, regular season play will continue every Saturday through November 2 (no games on Aug 31 and Oct 12 due to holidays).   

Game Schedule:
The schedules will be posted on our website at  (go to the “Team Central” tab) 
IMPORTANTA MAJORITY OF THE BU14 & GU14 GAMES WILL BE PLAYED AT OTHER AYSO REGIONS WITHIN OUR AREA.   Since we will have only two 14U boys and girls teams, we play games against other Regions.   Last year, about 2/3 of the games were played at AYSO 58 in Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks and AYSO 254 in Burbank.  

When do AYSO 33 Regional Playoffs Begin?
There are playoffs at the end of the season.  Assuming the season finishes per the posted schedule, playoffs will take place at our soccer fields on November 9 and November 16, 2024.

IMPORTANT: Only Teams that Get BOTH the required number of Volunteer Points and Referee Points will qualify for playoffs.

Teams must do BOTH of the following to qualify for playoffs:
1.  Earn 25 “Volunteer” points combined:  These are earned by volunteering to do any of the following:  Board Member, field set-up, field take-down, working at the red tent, field monitor, assisting with photo day, trophy day, or assisting any of the Board Member functions described on our website.  For more information, contact Wendy Shuster, our volunteer coordinator, at [email protected]

2. Earn 15 “Referee” points combined:  Referees and Assistant Referees must be registered and certified to qualify for “referee” points.  Center referees earn 2 points per game.   Assistant referees earn 1 point per game. “Club” referees (parents who volunteer to help on the sidelines when there are not enough referees) do NOT earn points unless they are registered and certified. 


NOTE:  Since the BU14 and GU14 teams will play some games away from Balboa Park, the number of volunteer points and referee points will be equal to 1.5 X the number of games played at Balboa Park.

REMEMBER, AYSO is an all-volunteer organization, and we cannot have games without certified referees and volunteers. 

When do the Area 10V Playoffs begin?
 The BU14 and GU14 team that wins our regional playoff tournament will qualify to compete against the winners of the other AYSO Area 10V Regions in the Area 10V playoff tournament on DECEMBER 7 and 8, 2024 (first round) and on DECEMBER 14 and 15, 2024 (medal round). at the North Hills fields in Granada Hills.

Teams winning the Area 10V Playoffs advance to compete in the AYSO Section 10 Tournament on FEBRUARY15-16, 2025, which will be held in Bakersfield, CA.

So please keep your calendars free if you are able.

Before the end of the regular season, we will form a BU14 All-Star team and a GU14 All-Star team, which will compete in the Area 10V’s All-Star tournament on JANUARY 11 and 12 (first round) and January 18 and 19 (medal round).at the North Hills fields in Granada Hills   

Teams winning the Area 10V All-Star Tournament advance to compete in the AYSO Section 10 All-Star Tournament on MARCH 1 and 2, 2025, which will be held in Bakersfield, CA.

How All-Star Teams are Formed:
Coaches and Division Managers will nominate players to try out for the teams.  Players need to play in at least ½ of their team’s game to be eligible.   All-Star tryouts will likely begin on October 13, 2024.  The All-Star coach, Division Manager and Coach Mentor will select the team and send out invitations to players.

Spring Tournament Team:  Following the All-Star tournament, it is hoped that the All-Star team will stay together and play in various AYSO tournaments throughout the spring. 



Duration of Game:
70 minutes, plus a half-time break of 5-10 minutes

The game is broken into two thirty-five (35) minute periods.  During each period, there is a stoppage after approximately seventeen and one-half (17.5) minutes, where there will be a short water break and substitutions allowed.  Players who are not substituted must stay on the field at the sideline.  This stoppage is NOT a time for coaching players.  The game clock keeps on running. 

NOTE:  There is NO stoppage time added at the end of each half

Playing Time Info:

Eleven players per team on the field, one of which is a goalkeeper (Fifteen players maximum on the roster.)        

Between periods, at halftime, and for injuries.

Limits on Goalkeepers
In 16U, there is no limit on how many quarters a goalkeeper may play (providing there is no violation of the “playing time” rule, see below).

Playing Time:
Minimum of two quarters per player per game.   No player may play four quarters until everyone has played three.    No player may play two quarters in a game for more than one game until every other player on the team has played two quarters in a game.

NOTE: While the Referee records players and substitutes on the game card, adherence to the playing time policy is the responsibility of the Coach, not the Referee nor the Assistant Referee. Any violation of the playing time policy may result in a (post-game) forfeit against the offending team.

The Field:
The field size for 16U games is 100 yards long by 50 yards wide.

Goal Dimensions:
Goals are a maximum of 8 ft high by 24 ft wide.

The Ball:
A size 5 soccer ball is used for all 14U games and practices.

Scores and Standings:Scores, standings, team volunteer points, and team referee points will all be updated and posted on our website at  (go to the “Team Central” tab)

“No Slaughter Rule” - Good Sportsmanship is a MUST:
Although we do our best to balance teams, sometimes a game can be too one-sided and can cause bad feelings.  In that situation, coaches must take positive steps to hold down the score. 

Games may be forfeited for multiple violations of this rule.  Our Coach Mentor is a terrific resource for the many ways this can be accomplished:  [email protected]

One certified center referee and 2 certified assistant referees (1 on each touchline). 


AYSO Region 33 has adopted a Code of Conduct, which prohibits conversation with referees during games about the calls made or not made, plus other behavior that interferes with the enjoyable, positive atmosphere for kids and everyone else.  HERE IS THE LINK:

The Start of Play:
A coin toss is used to determine which team has the option to kick off to start the game or instead to kick off to start the second half.  The game starts with a kick-off in the center of the field.  The team not kicking off must be at least eight yards from the center mark while kick-off is in progress.

Ball In and Out of Play:
The ball is out of play when it completely crosses the touchline (sideline) or goal line, either on the ground or in the air.  Play is restarted by a throw-in (for balls out of play crossing the touchline,) by a goal kick (for balls crossing the goal line and last touched by the attacking team), or by a corner kick (for balls crossing the goal line and last touched by the defending team.)

The ball is thrown from behind the head and at least one foot must be in contact with the ground.  Second chances are not given for improper throw-ins for U14.  An improper throw-in results in a throw-in for the opposing team.   There is no offsides violation on a throw-in.

Goal Kick:
The goal kick may be taken from any point inside the goal area.  The goal kick is retaken if the ball is touched or played by either team before leaving the penalty area.

Corner Kick:
The opposing team must be at least eight yards from the ball when the corner kick is taken in 14U games.

What counts as a “Goal”?
A goal is awarded when the ball completely crosses the goal line into the goal.  

Goalkeeper Punts allowed:
The goalkeeper is allowed to punt the ball in 16U. 

The offside law applies in 16U games.   An offsides offense can occur anywhere between the halfway line and the goal line.

Handball Rule:
A “handball” offense occurs when a player makes a deliberate movement of the hand or arm to the ball. For example, even if an arm is in a natural position, if the player moves his/her body to use the arm to direct or play the ball, it is an offense.

It is an offense when a player touches the ball with the hand/arm positioned to make a player's body "unnaturally larger" and it is not in a position that can be considered natural for the body movement for that specific situation; distance from last point of contact does not matter. So, for example, a ball touching a player's arm that is in a natural running position is not an offense. If the ball touches an arm that extends out or up, then it is an offense.

Heading the ball is allowed in 16U games.

Slide tackling is allowed if done legally. 
At this age, you should expect some bumping and physical contact.  

What happens when there is a foul?
     Free Kick: 
For fouls not committed by the defending team in its own penalty area, fouls may be either direct (may score directly), or indirect (must be touched or played by another player before a goal can be scored). Opponents must be at least eight yards from the ball or on the goal line between the goal posts during free kicks.
     Penalty Kick: For direct free-kick fouls committed by the defending team in its own penalty area, a penalty kick will be awarded to the attacking team.   The penalty kick is taken from the penalty mark with all other players outside the penalty area except the opposing team’s goalkeeper. 

The center referee has the discretion to issue yellow cards and even red cards to players and coaches.   Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their sidelines.  Here is the link to Region 33’s Coach Code of Conduct:



AYSO is completely run by volunteers.  Nobody gets paid.  We expect that a minimum of 1 hour of volunteerism is done on behalf of every player in the 14U Division.  To find out what you can do, please email ur Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected]

Uniforms (socks, shorts, and jersey) will be provided to coaches to hand out prior to the first game, which is August 19, 2023.

Photo Day:
Photo Day will take place on a Saturday in early September, date and time to be determined.  There will also be a makeup photo day later in that month (However, those who attend the makeup session will likely NOT be included in the team photo).

Will be provided to coaches to pass out on the last day of the season.


We are hosting the Cynthia Petrillo Thanksgiving Turkey tournament on Friday, November 23, and Saturday, November 24 at our Balboa Park soccer fields.   It will be a fundraiser for our Region.

NOTE: U10, U12 and U14 Players who have parents/guardians/family members who are Board Members, Coaches, Referees or donated significant volunteer hours will be invited to play.  It will be a lot of fun and an incentive for you to volunteer at Region 33 this season.

**The details above are subject to change.  Everything depends on the number of players that register and volunteers that come forward to help.


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