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Division Manager

MELANIE OBERMAN is the division manager for the U6 Divisions .  All inquiries about the Divisions should begin with Melanie at [email protected].


Age Range

All players born in the year 2018

(Note: National Soccer has established the age range for all divisions.  AYSO is not permitted to deviate from it.)


What Equipment Do I Need

Soccer shoes (recommended), tennis shoes, or similar athletic shoes (metal cleats are not permitted)

Shin Guards (which must be completely covered by soccer socks)

Size 3 soccer ball


Number of Teams & How Teams are Formed

There 6U Division consists of six boys teams and 4 coed teams, each with a maximum of 7 players per team.  This is the only division where requests for players to be on the same team will absolutely be honored PROVIDED there is at least one certified coach for that team.

How do I become a certified coach for 6U

Coaching at 6U is fun and easy to do.  You are going to be at the games anyway, so why not be the coach?  AYSO is an all-volunteer organization, and we must have coaches to have teams.   AYSO coaches and assistant coaches, at every level, must: 1)  register as a volunteer through our website ( and 2) complete online classes and an in-person coach training session.  Here is a link to the step-by-step process to become a coach:


When do Practices Begin

Starting the week of August 14, all 6U coaches and players will participate in a weekly 1-hour practice/clinic led by experienced “UK Trainers.”  This will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays at our Balboa Park soccer fields between 5 pm and 7 pm.


When Do Games Begin

Opening Day is Saturday, August 19, 2023, at the Balboa Park Soccer Fields (see the map on our website).   Weather permitting, play will continue every Saturday through November 4 (no games on Sept 2 and Sept 16 due to holidays).   


Game Times
It will vary from week to week, usually at 8:30 am or 9:45 am.  Schedules will be posted on our website by Labor Day at  (go to the “Team Central” tab)


What to Expect on “Activity/Game Day” Saturday

The 6U Saturday is 60 minutes in length. 

1.  During the first 30 minutes, each team has half of the field assigned for a “technical development session,” of fun soccer drills and activities led by their coach. 

2.  Following this session, the team will play a game against another 6U team consisting of four five-minute periods plus a five-minute break in between.

Coach involvement:  Coaches should work together while the scrimmage is going on to assure all players get touches on the ball.  At this level, we want lots of goals scored which adds to the enjoyment of the players and parents alike.  If one player is dominant, make sure to get the other players involved. 



Duration of Game
Four five-minute periods. Half-time break of 5 minutes.


Playing Time Info

Numbers: Four per team on the field; No goalkeepers. (Six maximum on the roster.)        

NOTE: .  If one team is short-handed, they can borrow players from the team they are playing against as long as the other coach agrees to it. 

Substitutions: Between periods, at halftime, and for injuries.

Playing Time: Minimum of two periods per player per game.   No player should play four periods until everyone has played three.   If a player sat out two periods the previous game, that player must play at least three periods the next game.

NOTE: Except for the coach, only players are permitted on the field.


The Field
The field size for 6U games is approximately 25-30 yards long x 15 yards wide.   The field is marked with sidelines (“touchline’), goal lines, and a halfway line.   


Goal Dimensions
Goals are basic 4’ pop-up (PUGG) goals.  One on each goal line.


The Ball
A size 3 soccer ball is used for all 6U games and practices.


Scores Are Not Kept
In the 6U games, everyone wins.   Scores are not kept.  A goal is awarded when the ball completely crosses the goal line into the goal.   Goals should be celebrated enthusiastically by everyone in 6U, but goals are not recorded to determine who wins.


Rules and game flow/ Officiating

There is no need for fully qualified referees to manage 6U games. One or both of the coaches should "officiate". Fouls are not called in the 6U division.  The most important thing is to keep the game flowing in such a manner that allows kids to play without the risk of injury.  Again, the ball should always be in play during the five-minute quarters


The Start of Play 
The game starts with a kick-off in the center of the field, with each team in their own half and the team not kicking off at least ten feet from the ball to give the kicker room to kick (this requirement is a just a guide and does not need to be insisted upon every time).


Each coach will be standing near the goal on their side of the field with the players, holding 2 or 3 balls.  One of the coaches will put a ball in play to one of their players with the objective of putting the ball in the opposite goal.  If the ball in play goes out of play (when it completely crosses the touch line (sideline) or goal line but not in the goal) one of the coaches will immediately put another ball into play.  The goal is to keep the game going with as few stoppages as possible. The coaches can work on technique later


This should be done in such a way as to give all the players on the field an opportunity to dribble to the goal and try to score.  If a goal is scored, both teams will move back to their goals and the team that didn’t score will start again.  At or around the five-minute mark, when the ball goes out of play (either out of bounds or in the goal) coaches should stop play and rotate in the players who were waiting on the sideline.  After the second quarter, teams should take a five-minute break.    


Free Kicks
Play may have to be stopped occasionally to 'sort things out' in 6U games. A player may pick up the ball and start running with it or want to keep it away from the other players, or perhaps there is a pile of kids on the ground kicking at both the ball and each other. Stop play, quickly correct the situation and restart with a kick to a deserving player. All free kicks in 6U are indirect kicks. Opponents must be at least ten feet from the ball or on the goal line between the goal posts during free kicks. Free kicks awarded to the attacking team inside the defending team’s goal area are to be taken from the nearest point on the goal area line parallel to the goal line.


Offside Rule
No offsides in 6U soccer.


Handball Rule
A handball infraction occurs when a player handles the ball deliberately. The 'hand' includes the entire arm up to the top of the shoulder. Accidental contact (ball striking hand or arm with no intent by the player) is not an offense.  Also, instinctive, self-protective reactions are not penalized at this young age.


No Heading
Heading the ball is not allowed in all divisions below age 14U.

Deliberate fouls should be rare in 6U games. Kicking, tripping, handling the ball and dangerous play may occur. There should be few, if any, additional reasons to stop play in 6U games. If a player is 'not playing well with others' or if play must be stopped for any reason (injury, substitution, confusion, or to watch a passing ground squirrel), refocus the players and begin again with a free kick as appropriate. Award the start to whichever team deserves it. Exercise common sense, stand back, and let them play.


End of game

It is customary at the end of the game to do a cheer for the opposing team.  Also popular are high-five lines and tunnels for the players to run through.  Keep it fun.



Each player is responsible for bringing their own water. 

Half-time snacks/end-of-game snacks: Parents on a team should decide if they want to bring their own for each game or take turns providing it for the team. 




AYSO is completely run by volunteers.  Nobody gets paid.  We expect that 1 hour of volunteerism is done on behalf of every player in the 6U Division.  To find out what you can do, please email Wendy Shuster, our Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected]


Parent Code of Conduct

To create an enjoyable atmosphere for kids, coaches, parents and referees, AYSO Region 33 has adopted a “Code of Conduct” for parents and spectators.  Here is the link:


Uniforms (socks, shorts, and jersey) will be provided to coaches to hand out prior to the first game, which is August 19, 2023.


Photo Day

Photo Day is September 9, 2023.   There will be a makeup photo day on September 30, 2023 (However, those who attend the makeup session will likely NOT be included in the team photo).



Will be provided to coaches to pass out on the last day of the season.


Thanksgiving Tournament (for Volunteers)

We are hosting the Cynthia Petrillo Thanksgiving Turkey tournament on Friday, November 23, and Saturday, November 24 at our Balboa Park soccer fields.   It will be a fundraiser for our Region.

NOTE: U10, U12 and U14 Players who have parents/guardians/family members who are Board Members, Coaches, Referees or donated significant volunteer hours will be invited to play.

It will be a lot of fun and an incentive for you to volunteer at Region 33 this season.



**The details above are subject to change.  Everything depends on the number of players that register and volunteers that come forward to help.



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