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Picture Day 2021

This information is provided to COACHES and TEAM PARENTS to make sure their teams are ready for Picture Day this coming Saturday.  All Region 33 families are being copied so that they can help their Coach and Team Parent make Picture Day a fun time for everyone.

Welcome and thanks for helping on Picture Day.  The following provides an overview of Picture Day and will help Picture Day goes smoothly for everyone.


Picture Day is a big undertaking – 1100 kids will have their pictures taken on Saturday in the span of a few hours.  You can help by being on time, following your coach’s instructions, and cooperating with volunteers helping with Picture Day.

Speaking of volunteers, we need 100 volunteers for Picture Day.  It’s easy to sign up!

When Should We Be There?

If my 6U, 7U or 8U game is at 8:00AM…

Pictures will be taken AFTER you finish your game.

If my 10U game is at 8:00AM…

Please show up at 7:00AM SHARP

If my game is after 8:00AM…

Plan to be at the park 90 minutes (yes, one and one-half hours) before your scheduled game time.  That means ALL players at the park, in uniform, and ready to go.

5U players…

Will have individual and team photos taken in the area of their Jamboree session AFTER your game.

Teams with games at other parks…

Come any time before 1:30PM – before or after your game.  After 1:30PM you might miss the photographers.

Team Parent Information – Sometimes AKA The Coach

Thank you for organizing your team and getting them ready for Picture Day. 

  • Please check in at the Picture Day Tent AFTER all players in uniforms, coaches and team parents have arrived and are ready to go.  Ask your team to stay together, nearby, and line up shortest to tallest.



A little prior preparation with your team will help make everything go more smoothly.

Here are a few tips and hints on how you can help.

  1. Please make sure everyone on your team understands the importance of following the two primary instructions.
    • Arrive 90 minutes prior to game time.(See exceptions listed above under WHEN SHOULD WE BE THERE?)
    • Each player will gets the FREE Basic Picture Package. The Basic Picture Package consists of an 8 x 10 Team and Individual Memory Mate, four (4) wallet photos, and a photo button. This is the standard package and is included in the Region 33 registration fee.  No order form is required for The Basic Picture Package.
    • If families want to purchase extra pictures or other sports photo products, parents will be able to do so on the Photographers website.
  2. Coordinate a meeting time and place for your team (90 minutes before game time).Most teams meet in the area around the Snack Bar.
  3. Please remind parents and others that only the players, coaches, and team parents will be allowed in the Picture Day Area.
  4. Players and coaches are remind to that backpacks, tents, coolers, equipment (you get the idea, team “stuff”) are not permitted in the Picture Day Area. Please recruit at least one parent to stay with the team’s “stuff” while the team is in the Picture Day Area.
  5. Before you check in at the Picture Day tent, line up players shortest to tallest.
  6. Bring a sense of humor and have fun on Picture Day.
  7. Oh, and if you haven’t signed up yet to volunteer, please do so!

Thanks for your help!

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